It’s 252pm and I’m home resting .

No guess where I am. Hubby had to go pick up scripts so he let me off to go do groceries . One of the churches around here.

Not sure what this sculpture is about?

Pidgeons having a feed.

How cool is this? The sun was just to my left so it looked a bit dark.

The beautiful tree lined street.

Bought dumplings for hubby for tomorrow for lunch as I’m off to lunch with my girl friend. I’d better ring her up to confirm where as have no idea where.

Little Miss V is 5th since my team won last week. I’m behind the leader by one point 😍 My margin haven’t been very good hence I’m 5th.

Saw both of the organisers of the footy tipping yesterday. They both reckoned I’ve tipped pretty well considering my team keep on losing 😂
I’ve done very well. Bought some salmon to barbecue tonight. Will have it with fish dipping sauce. I’ve still got heaps of rice and broccoli  left over from last night.

Tomorrow’s dinner is organised too. I’ve bought some chicken ribs to barbecue . I’m going to marinate them with soy sauce, honey and xo sauce. Just need to adjust the quantity as I can’t remember how much I used last time.

One good thing about chicken ribs is no need to do anything to them except wash them and they come with skin or without skin. At $8.49 a kilo , 2kg sets me back $17 . One of my cheaper meals considering it costed $41 for the salmon today.