Yesterday I went into a website to order my fridge parts.

I’m a touchy feely person and would rather have a face to face contact than buy from the internet.

The person who answered the phone was professional enough to make me think I can trust him.

Plus it’s a mob in Melbourne with an address. 

Anyhow after our interaction I asked him for an order number and he didn’t have one for me.

I was like what? His reply was we will send it to you by email by the end of the day despite me already paying the full amount.

So I waited. Nothing . Zilch.

This morning I tried ringing . The first time I got a beep and it went dead. The second time I tried from their webpage and it went through to an answering machine and then music. It took a long while so I gave up.

I tried emailing them with all my details, what I bought and my reason for the email. I didn’t know if my payment went through ? If they had trouble with ordering ?

It turned out as I’d suspected they got my email address wrongly. Instead of an underscore they had a dash.

In the end I was worried for nothing. As for their customer service I am impressed. No wonder they had such great reviews.
Now I just have to wait til June for my parts to arrive.

Tomorrow I’m going to start on the gate. 

Told hubby about the toilet and he didn’t think it’s a good idea with the trim. He thinks it might look tacky.

Now I’m stuck . 

I was thinking okie won’t worry about the trim and do a feature wall.

This is my colour palette. I was thinking may be I’ll use the Elusive gold colour to follow on from the kitchen.

Here is hoping it doesn’t look like poop 😂