My son suck at sports. He’s a gamer. He plays games on his computer not in the playground.

Anyhow his school is a sport orientated school and well it wasn’t our choice of school for him.

We initially wanted him to go to a science orientated school but due to zoning he didn’t get through.

Thus in the end he defaulted to his present school as we are in their zone.

Over here the good public schools all have zoning. They either have a zone or if you’re in the middle of two schools then your defaulted school is the school closest to you. 

The last few years he got to choose which sport or activities he wanted to do. This year he told us he’s in the school’s baseball team. 

I thought okie. Sounds all right as it’s a non-contact sport and well as long as he enjoys it I’m all for it.

The thing is they needed 9 people to play competitions and well his team must be very good for his team mates have carried him through .

The last thing I heard was they are off to the states. If they get through they’ll go off to the nationals. We both laughed when we heard. For someone who can’t throw or catch a ball he must be doing something right.