The sunroof is stuck . The thing is it’s not opened or shut properly. It tried moving a bit and then that’s it. I don’t know what’s worse.

Thank goodness the court yard is water proof . The builder had foresight and installed drains for times like these so that the water had somewhere to go.

Hubby tried to open that box last night to find it’s locked . No key anywhere. 

I think he needs one of those square thingy, ratchet? He doesn’t want me to ring the company as yet until he has a fiddle. 

Today I’ve got a volunteering afternoon tea to go to. It’s our national volunteer week this week. 

Our coordinator have promised us yummy cakes. He’s a great baker.

This week I’ve only got volunteering on Wednesday . It’s early in the morning so I should have plenty of time to get back to the CBD by lunch to go walkies with my walkies buddy. 
I’m looking forward to catching up. He’s got plenty to tell as he’s just got back from holidays in Europe. 
Apart from Wednesday and today I’m free all week 😎 look at that glorious sunshine being predicted. 

I still haven’t made it to my hidey hole since Easter . Guess with me not working there anymore it’s a pain to drive all the way down there. Will see if I can make it later on this week. 
A colleague from Geelong have invited me to the Pharmacy ball . It’s to raise money for the hospital’s new cancer centre. I told her I’ll scrounge around for goods for the silent auction.

It will be nice to see everyone again. 

I guess I don’t think like others do . Yes I did resign . Yes I felt I wasn’t supported . It doesn’t stop me from supporting a cause that my colleague is passionate about . 

Thus that’s why I do the things that I do. I don’t follow rules. I do what I think is right by me. I follow my heart . Yes the heart can be fickle . Yes the heart can hurt lots . But still I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I’d better get up and have something to eat. Wash our towels . Monday is towel day. I’ve caught up at work. Not due to go in again til Wednesday .

Then to tackle my CPD for real this time 😂