Was hoping for an express train and then remembered they don’t run express trains during non peak time.

So I’m waiting for a stopping all station train. I should get to the city by about 105pm. The afternoon tea isn’t til 2pm.

I’m going to hunt for a pressie for mum until then since Mother’s Day is this Sunday .

Dinner is organised for tonight . I didn’t have enough room in the freezer so left some prawns in the fridge to defrost overnight.

As for the piano fiasco it turned out we were never insured for contents. All these years ever since we moved from our old place. It  renders the piano unfixable.

To buy a new one is like 10K + to fix it in the thousands. We haven’t got thousands to spare.

The building is insured as it’s part of the pharmacy and so is the stock for the pharmacy just not the contents for upstairs. I’m annoyed at him. How can he get it so wrong? 

Anyhow no use crying over spilt milk. Can’t be helped. Here is hoping he takes out insurance for the contents, now that we know.

The sun is coming out at last. I’m looking forward to going wandering. Still haven’t thought of what to buy for mum as yet.