Is better than a holiday or so they say 😂 There’s no bread left this morning. Originally I was going to slit the naan bread in half and pop my cheese and salami in the middle . 

Well when frozen it’s hard as thus have popped them on top.

Let see what this salami tastes like 😍

Hmmm it’s nice but a bit chewy. 

I’m off volunteering today. The shift starts at 937am. It’s 720am now I’m eating breakkie and then will catch the 820am train in.

Should reach Southern Cross around 853am. I might go for a wander before the pick up. The client is an old timer thus hopefully they stay put at the platform.

I feel much happier today. The sun is yet to show its face. My moods have lifted. The knowledge of my fully stocked fridge and a day out have lifted me up. 

First time in yonks I’ve nearly jumped out of bed . Like yonks 😊

I wonder where my walkies buddy is taking me today? He’s the same age as me thus we are very similar . He’s also a wanderer. He knows more about the city than me 😊