Ends well.

At one stage I thought my day couldn’t get any worse . The wait for the doctor was like an hour and a half.

Then the client nearly had a hypo so I went to buy him jelly beans. The downstairs cafe didn’t have them so went across the road to a chemist .

We got back to the station just in time for me to deposit him at the booth.

I was like what is going on today? The coordinator wrote back to say he’ll put it on the agenda for the next meeting . He also wrote that everyone knows that train comes at that time. Does that mean I should have known that? When the booking form was wrong?
Guess I’ll give volunteering a break for awhile until they get their act together. It never used to be this messy? Just this year .

All well ends well. I had enough time to grab two fried dim sims for a snack before I went to meet my buddy. I thought I wasn’t going to make it today. He had a meeting due at 230pm thus it had to be between 1pm and then.

We had a lovely walk.

Can’t remember if I’ve been this way or not.

How cute are these critters ?

Something new . Newly built?

Footpath made to look like roads.

On closer inspection ..lovers ..credit to the buddy he saw it before I did.

They are trying to make this place look nice. One day this lot will be developed. It’s prime land.

Perfect reflections


One of Chinatown laneways

When one looks up.

And daddy I love you 💋

After walkies little Miss V treated herself to a bowl of ramen. Trying out a new place so I can take mum there on Monday.

Shujinko Ramen . I had their original ramen.

And a Thai milk tea with pearls in Box Hill.

After such a horrible morning I’m feeling much happier. More walkies is on the menu.