Breakkie nearly done . The apartment is warming up. I’ve been going into work most nights thus I’m a little ahead. No need to go in until next week which leaves me with the weekend free for once.

Today’s aim:

Get my CPD under control . I’m still procrastinating and haven’t got much done at all.

I’ll head out to grab groceries later if hubby is keen to go out to lunch. We need to go buy rice . Only managed to cart back 1kg yesterday and cooked more than half of it.

Need to go find cheese too. My youngest told me she’s not keen on this brand. I usually buy Mainland and well they’ve decided they do blocks now and not presliced how silly is that ? Guess better go cheese hunting .

This is the other bit that’s on the agenda. Paint the toilet 😂 here is hoping it doesn’t look like poop. I do have my doubts lol