Breakkie this morning . Vegemite on toast. I sure need those B vitamins for sure. It’s so I can take some Panadol for my headache and aches and pain. 

Despite being a pharmacist (professional drug pusher) I hate taking tablets . I think we are very non compliant as a profession probably as bad as doctors and nurses . We just like to make our patients take them 😂

This morning I’ve got to go into the business. Not to dispense but to get our drug of addiction (DDs) registers in order . Our accreditation is coming up. Also they are due for a check.

The registers need a balance check every 6 months. I do ours every 3 months. I used to do it weekly when they were naughty. 

The longer you leave them the longer it takes to balance check.

Every single drug that we keep must be accounted for. Ie the amount in our safe need to match the registers . Lots of counting. 

 If the balance is not right I have to go print a report from the computer and tick off each transaction. Something like Endone or OxyContin there’s like I don’t know how many transactions I’ve got to go through. Pages and pages from the last time it was correct. 

It gets very messy when it’s out. It’s hours of detective work. 
Hubby have assured me that they’ve been good . Yeh right. They are all naughty as. 

I’ve often wondered there’s only 3-4 of them why is it so messy? I check it every time I write them out thus no need to go back to it as then when it’s busy you’d forget. 
It’s not like we keep lots and lots like a hospital department. 

Fingers crossed it’s not so bad this morning and I can get out of there in an hour or two. 

Every correct items then need to be written in red. 

The date. Balance checked and correct. The amount and then signed for.