I’ve been over eating yet again. All my effort of weight loss nearly gone 😩

Let see what I popped into my mouth yesterday .


half a jaffle and my instant with 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Lunch :
Bowl of udon vegetarian


This is where I went wrong 😩

1 pork cruller ( deep fried chewy pastry and mince pork inside)

*photo from the internet

1/2 a pandan cake slice . Ummm on the way out from the supermarket they were giving away stuff at the cake shop. They have a girl who stands there near closing time every day to give away their stock for tasting. 

*photo from the internet

1 filet-o-fish burger from Maccas

*photo from the internet 


1 bowl of rice with stir fried spinach, a little beef. Shared this one steak with the family. 

And then dessert was a big serve of this with two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

I can certainly do without the snacks and dessert. 

Wanted only a cruller as it was cold and I felt cold after that long walk. We did roughly 16,000-17,000 steps yesterday.

Then lugging all my groceries to the train station only to find my train wasn’t due for another 15 minutes and well Maccas was just there next to the entrance so off I went to get the burger . I’m bad in that if I crave something it tastes oh so good. 

It’s like heaven in your mouth until afterwards and I think to myself what crap have I popped in there 😩

One good thing my boobs are rounder . One bad thing my belly is rounder also. And another thing you can’t trust a skinny cook now can you? 😂