😂😂😂😂😂 we are having oyster blades for dinner.

I saw them last night and they looked good. I’m cooking them in black bean sauce with my bag of carrots. 

It’s a Vietnamese stew. I tend to put tomatoes in but last night looking at the price of tomatoes $7.99 a kilo I’m going to use tomato paste instead. 

It just needs a bit for flavour. After all that forgot my lemon grass. Anyhow will see if I’ve got any in my freezer or can pop out to the shops later.
Looking forward to my stew. It’s been so cold lately it’s not even funny. To think it’s only May and it’s this cold what’s July is going to be like? 

*Photo from the internet. 

My day:

Nothing planned. Dinner is kind of sorted. It means I know what I’m cooking at least.

Breakkie done and dusted.

Laundry done and dusted.

Dishes …not yet

CPDs …not yet

Privacy module for volunteering …not yet

Cards…not yet still got some on the stand.

Telling hubby about Sydney…not yet. Still got to book my car park at the airport. He’s going to think I book Sydney to go meet a lover up there. The thing is I don’t have any . Have been extra good. 

Plus why bother when I can use that time to go wandering 😂 just a bit lonely at night and no one to cuddle 😩