Scripts later I’ve given up . I’m cold, I’m tired . Hubby have been jumping me like there is no tomorrow . As of now my brains’ gone on a walk about . It’s begging me to go to bed. 

The fact that I haven’t had a full blown flu this year is because of all the afternoon naps. When I feel rotten I go to bed.

And I feel rotten today . My body aches , I’m coughing away and I want my bed.

Guess that’s one good thing about working downstairs my bed is only a flight of stairs away. 

As for work I’ve only done about a third of the workload for this week. Guess where little Miss V will be all weekend ? At work. And it starts again on Tuesday. 

Hubby want me to go to the rental with him on Tuesday. Reason being ? He wants to christen the place 😩