Yippee it’s Friday again, not.

Woke up sore all over. From walkies? From lugging a heavy back pack last few groceries sprees? 

I’m about to have breakkie then downstairs to work. Looks like it will take me all day or more. 

Sneaked in last night to print the reports so I could go through them and cross out the ones I don’t need to dispense .
Today’s list :



Privacy module


Dinner? Don’t think last night’s leftovers will be enough for dinner . We’ll have it for lunch . Which means I’ll have to sneak out in between work to grab something for dinner. 

I keep on listing my CPDs and still haven’t gotten around to it. How did I get so much done whilst working ? I don’t know how? 

Before it’s like I had set dates for everything as it’s the only time I’ve got so I squeeze everything in. 

Now it’s like oh well there’s always tomorrow.