Looks like a glorious day. I’m hoping to get heaps done today. 

Still don’t feel 100% but can’t waste a beautiful day now can we?

Hubby is at work til 1pm. He’s hoping to go to the rental today to finish the work. It’s dragging on with everything happening . 

We need to get it rented out ASAP as the mortgage hasn’t been paid for the last two months. Luckily we are ahead with payments still any day now the bank is going to come calling. 

Our rooftop terrace. It’s been painted and spiked 😂 the darker colour is Dulux Ironstone. The lighter colour is some sort of grey.

There used to be a BBQ there which we’ve gotten rid of as it was rusty and looked worse for wear. 

Was googling my animal sign the other day and guess what I found? This list. 

No wonder he’s thrashing about. That’s what people with ‘fire’ as their element do. Full of steam 😂 

As for the elements this is how it goes . The elements are weak or strong depending on the opposing element. 

Metal (a pail) holds water . Fire melts metal. 

Water drains earth (ie flood) but put out fire.

Earth holds metal. Wood (trees) holds earth and so on.

I don’t do too well with ‘fire’ as I’m a metal element. Hubby is earth. He’s good for me.

The elements all intertwine and it’s interesting to decipher. For some reason I get on really well with earth roosters . Past lovers , friends are roosters. Either that or they share the same sign as me. 

Anyhow list for today:


Privacy module


Washing day


Work , stayed at work til 10pm last night and didn’t finish . I’ve got about 2-3 hours of work left to finish last week’s work load.

Looks like Wednesday is out for walkies might have to change it to Friday. Wouldn’t mind sneaking down to the hidey hole this weekend. Hubby needs a break I think . He’s stressed and then he takes it out on my love hole 😩. Looks like beach days til Tuesday.

Haven’t popped my hand up for volunteering at all. Giving myself a break from it . Will volunteer less as I want to go to classes soon once I get around to booking them.