I’ve had enough . Another fight with hubby over our daughter then everything came out. 

All the crap came out and it’s all blame blame. Blaming me for everything .

For not taking our son to tutoring so he has to do it. Despite me telling him to find a tutor closer to home but no he went ahead with it. 

For him having to fix up the rental . Well he didn’t have to . I was willing to go find a handyman to do it but when I told him he didn’t want me to hire one? Now he’s turning it on me.

And the kids. I’m always the baddie . Always the one being tough on them so they learn to be good people. How does our son learn responsibility? If his dad let him off his chores?

How does my daughter learn respect of other people’s belongings by trashing the place?

Last time we had this fight about his daughter he said he’ll sort it out. Well it’s not working so have told her she’d better find a place to move out. We’ll pay the rent. If not I’ll find an apartment and move her out . 

I’ve had enough . Have SMS him my reply. 

Marriage is damn hard work some days and today I just feel like saying to him do what ever you want . I am out of here.