Back pack shopping again. My back is killing me .

It was another beautiful Autumn afternoon. I walked in my Tshirt and jeans. 

Ummm was only suppose to buy stuff for dinner. My mind wandered. Bread and ham and salami for the kids’ lunches. 

Saw nice persimmons so bought 4 . They were 2 for $3.

Then was in the cake mix aisle as was going to cheat. Anyhow changed my mind will bake from scratch. Ummm saw the apples so bought them. They are yum.

Whilst at the Asian groceries I saw dill so bought 2 bunches. Hoping to make fish balls tomorrow when my fish monger opens. He closes on Mondays.
The chicken wings is for the chicken stock tonight as we are having steam boat . 

Have bought dumplings . Ummm at $1.50 each they are a rip off . They used to be only a $1 a piece then $1.10 then $1.20 then $1.30 now $1.50 . I might have to start making them. 

The steaks I’ll slice them thinly to pop into the steam boat. The tofu and enoki will go in as well. 

No noodles tonight just vegies and meat and dumplings. 

I’ve got carrots, zucchini , cauliflower to go in as well. 

Looking forward to dinner.