What happened to fairy tales? The ones where the prince rescue the princess and he whisks her to the land of happily ever after.

A load of bull crap if you ask me. Marriage is damn hard. You fight and fight and fight.

The old stuff just keep on coming up. It’s like washing clothes.

You think your clothes will come out sparkling clean. Nope it doesn’t. Over all it’s clean but if you look carefully the old stains are still there. 

And no matter how many times you wash it it doesn’t fade. It’s there to remind you that a once tarnished relationship will forever remain tarnished. 

Some days you hope . You hope if you wash it with all your might the stains will go away . So you start soaking it. You wash it in hot water . You buy Napisan. In the end nothing works . 

So what do you do? Do you give up? Do you chuck it in the bin and go buy something new ? Do you make promises to take care of the new stuff so it doesn’t get stains on it like your old stuff? And what if you end up  getting stains on the new stuff what do you do then?