I’m still up. Hubby and I have loaded up my car. I’ll head down to the hidey hole tomorrow. 

Kind of tired tonight and didn’t want to do the long drive .

I’m happy today as I got heaps done. The house is in order. Groceries done. The agent have got our keys and contract signed.

The agent rang me when I was on the train to say the cleaners are coming Tuesday or Wednesday to clean then they will take photos and start advertising.

We’ve also engaged a town planner to sort out the permit with the council. 

Looks like things are looking up. 

I’ll spend tomorrow down at the hidey hole then will drive back Sunday morning. I’m really looking forward to going down as haven’t gone down for weeks. Either I’m too  busy or not feeling well. 

Hubby will be busy studying so I won’t be missed . I’ve popped the kids’ uniforms in to wash just then and managed to hang their jumpers out so they’ve got uniform to wear come Monday. 

The garage door guy have texted back. He wants to meet me at the house on Monday to give me the invoice as it’s on his way to another job . I’ve said yes and asked for the amount. It’s only $165 . Hubby should be pleased. He doesn’t have to know about the indecent proposal. 

Ummmm as for the indecent proposal I’ll write about it in another post or should I write at all? Let leave it at I’m very good at reading people. 

In the end all well ends well. My door is fixed at a reasonable price.