Doesn’t believe. 

We didn’t think we had water damage from that big storm way back. Or one just recently. 

I’m sure I didn’t see any damage when we were down at Easter?

If only we’d looked up.

And since it’s my linen cupboard and instead of pillows it’s doonas against that wall thus they are all ruined.

Was wondering why there was water on my laundry floor when we haven’t been down for weeks. And why my sheets in the hamper was wet?  without realising we had water damage. 

I’m not too upset about the doonas . They can be replaced. Three cotton ones and one old QS down one.

I’m more worried about the two bathrooms at back and next to the cupboard . We’ve only just finished renovating them 2-3 years back. 

Here is hoping I discovered it in time and minimal damage to the bathrooms.

What else can go wrong? What happened to ice cream? I asked for them didn’t I ? I didn’t ask for anymore lemons 😩

I’ve got plenty 😩

Time to go walkies.

Feels like just as soon as we thought things were looking up something else happens 😩