I’ve managed to catch up on work and the laundry.
The dishes are now soaking in the sink . Will leave them be for now then will pop them in the dishwasher later.

I’m having a cup of hot water with my slice and will head off to IKEA. I just want to go walkies and the weather is crap. It’s another wet day.

IKEA is in a shopping centre called Victoria Gardens. It’s about 10 minutes drive from here? That way once I’m done I can quickly grab groceries . Just something for dinner.

Received a text from my friend to save the date. She’s invited us to her daughter’s wedding . It’s going to be a Spring one in September. Guess I’d better lose some weight . It will give me something to look forward to. 

We visited a BBQ booth for lunch. This is outside of Harvey Norman. These booths only pop up on the weekends. They sell sausages and kranskies in bread or a roll. 

You can have onions and cheese with it. As for sauces it’s help yourself to tomato , BBQ and mustard. 

The lady know us well since we’ve been going to her for awhile.

After lunch we popped by Bunnings to grab some hooks for hubby to put up the vaccination certificates . 

Then we drove home. The kids are all in bed napping. Hubby’s gone to badminton which leaves me. I can waste the afternoon in bed or go out. 

I choose to go out. Just need to cheer myself up and walkies always do. Since it’s wet IKEA it is.