I’m naughty today. Spent money . Bought skewers so I can reuse them. Also bought these sheets that I want to stick on the linen cupboard to hide the dent. 

Couldn’t find my ribbon thus had to buy a narrow one for now. The art shop have ordered the one I need and they will give me a ring once it comes in, in a few weeks . 

Dinner. I think I’ve cooked enough for tomorrow as well. Belly pork with sweet soya and fish sauce. We had it with blanched zucchini and rice . 

It’s a traditional dish. Salty so you’d eat less meat and more rice since meat is expensive. I used to remember when I was younger to always wait for the meat to be served so I can add my bowl of rice to the pan juice to coat my rice . 

It’s easy to make all you need is pop some oil in the pan then the sliced onion.

Once the onion smell nice add the meat and then drizzle with sweet soya (provides colour and sweetness) and fish sauce. 

Then when the meat is all browned add boiling water to the pan covering all the meat. Then simmer until all the water have evaporated . Takes about 20-30 minutes. 

Hubby brought carrot cake home. 

I’m contented. All I need is my bed now. Haven’t had a nap today at all.