The dreaded Monday is here. I don’t go to work anymore, still it’s a signal a week have passed and the beginning of a new one. 

The last week of Autumn and the first of Winter.

Yesterday in the car I told my son we’ve got to go early on Wednesday. We have to leave on the 430pm train to Richmond. Then change trains for a station then catch a tram to his tutoring. Will get there at 512pm for 530pm. 430pm is the latest train we can catch just in case we miss the connecting train. 

My son was like mum that would take forever. Told him well I’m not driving in peak traffic.

Hubby was like your mum and her block. It’s only half an hour by car. 

But I’m not like you I can’t weave in and out of lanes. I refuse to just sit there in traffic. 

Anyhow the other of our staff is not working anywhere else during the week at the moment. She’s not due to start til July with her new position so hubby will ask her today to do Wednesdays til July. 

He’ll let her decide if she needs to finish early either Mondays or Thursdays to pick up her little ones from school in exchange for working late Wednesdays. 

As for the council his emails didn’t go through to the town planner. Luckily I got him to check or else it will get missed if I don’t. 

And the house insurers ? Still haven’t gotten around to it as he hasn’t had a chance. I’m annoyed enough to ring them myself but he wants to sort it out so everything is on the same policy. 

Today’s list:

Not much as I’m out wandering .

Groceries done as we cooked dinner from hubby’s groceries last night . Egg and tomato omelette . I found some tofu so used one of his tomatoes and half a tub of tomato paste to cook my tofu. 

And that was our dinner. A combined effort. 

I’d better get up get sorted. It’s 849am. Need to be out of the house soon as the garage door man wants to meet around 12pm . Since I’m catching public transport I’ve got to give myself enough leeway to get there on time.