I always think it’s hilarious . I mean when you play you know you’re playing . The people you choose to play with knows they are playing as well. 

Well you try hard to eliminate the ones that you think would cause trouble. The ones that stalks . The ones that are emotionally unstable and of course the ones that are likely to fall in love.

You know they make good lovers . You know you’d never end up with them seriously. Never because they were chosen as lovers not husbands or wives. When that line blurs you’re in deep poo, crap, shit. 

But then nothing is predictable and the more you play the more you meet and the chances of falling climbs. 

So much so one guy confided in me he only ever see a girl five times . After five times he disappears. It’s like five is a magic number or something. 

Another told me he never gives his address out or take a girl home. Just in case some crazies stalk him as it’s happened before. 

And yes married men tends to go for married women as they are deemed “safe” both got heaps to lose thus they are more discreet. 

If it was me I’d go for a married man. They are “safe ” they have been trained by their wives thus a bit more well kept and are better lovers. They are less selfish. 

The only thing players can never control is their feelings. The ones that say don’t fall in love with me ultimately is the one played. They say it without realising they themselves have already fallen.

And how do I know? I just know. I blame it on my little devil not Gary 😂