Last time I was there it was still being restored . I think they’ve finished .

Went to get a hair cut today. Now I know why I dread getting one.

Thought I’d try a new place out. They looked like they had good reviews. Well the hair shampooing and scalp massage took longer than the hair cut itself 😂

Then the other hairdresser was free so he walked over and told me I needed colouring . He pointed to my head to tell me he can see a few greys 😩

Anyhow half an hour later from walk in to shampoo to scalp massage to hair cut to blow wave I was thankful to get out of there.

$43 later I’m poor. $20 must have been for the scalp massage 😩

As for my hair cut it looked okie since I only asked for a trim. I hate it when they use razor and thinning scissors not like I’ve got much hair to start with 😩

On the bright side I know what a scalp massage is now and the next time I walk into an Asian hairdresser place I’m going to say no to scalp massage 😩