The click clacking this morning was my oldest making Spam ham spaghetti .

I’m eating brunch at 1005am. Lazy day today. Spent the morning in bed with Sparky. 

A guy I met for coffee wanted photos so I sent him a few. What’s with men’s fascination with boobs and arse ? 

Then hubby came rushing up with papers to fill in to make a claim. 

I’m not sure how to fill it out. It asks for receipts ? And invoices . The thing is we haven’t had anyone to come out to have a look?

And he wanted to claim for the doonas . Don’t think we’ve got contents insurance to do that ? Or do we? 

Anyhow I’ll have to get him to print me new forms. Arghhh what a mess . 

He’s annoyed at me and I him. Everything is under his name when I went to Geelong to work thus I don’t have access to anything . Even if I wanted to help I can’t. It’s frustrating.

My day today :

It’s raining and cold.

Laundry to catch up since towel day was yesterday. 

Cards to make if I can just relax a bit.

Groceries as want to go buy more eggs and cream so I can bake . 

Still have left over meat dish last night thus only have to worry about vegies and may be a pot of soup to go with it.

Breakfast dishes.

Get this insurance claim out of the way.

Remind hubby about the contents insurance for this place.

Next project for me . Getting restless. Been awhile. I’m tackling the laundry next.

Finish off my Women’s health module. I started it on the train yesterday on the way in. On the way home there was no seats so couldn’t do anymore. 

Rental is in order. Cleaners coming today then photos tomorrow for the advertising.

He’s emailed the town planner again with photos. Thus council permit is getting sorted .

Fingers crossed that’s it for awhile. I can’t handle anymore stress. At least things are moving. 

My old volunteering coordinator have asked for volunteers for a pilot program. I’ve popped my hand up for a session. Something new to do. 

Let see if it will lead to something. I’d better go buy a team scarf to wear 😍 We are hoping to help people to go watch the footy 😍

I’ve also popped my hand up for volunteering with another mob as an interviewer. So if it goes ahead I’ll be learning new skills and can put it down to my list of experiences. 

I love learning new stuff. It’s like my brains is a sponge. Soaking up as much information as it can . 

I know it’s non work related but you never know when you might need it? 😊 skills are never redundant no matter what they are😊and it’s never too late to learn something new.