A headache coming on. Don’t know why I’m so stressed. 

We went to Springvale for lunch. Did groceries whilst we were there . Our lunch dates are more discussions about the kids , the household and business.

He’s asked his staff to help us out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until she starts at her new job. Some days she can’t but whatever she can is better than nothing.

His lunch. Five spice duck noodle soup. 

My lunch . Bun Rieu . Tasted a bit sweet and they added stuff that ummmm not supposed to be there. 

There’s a booth that make the best sugar cane juice . They add kumquat to their juice.

We bought snacks , donuts. A bit doughy today. It’s cold so didn’t taste as fresh. 

Hubby got desserts. Banana and cassava in coconut milk. Mungbean filled dumplings in syrup and cococnut milk.

I got rice cakes with mince pork and black fungus filling for breakfast tomorrow. 

The little triangular goodies have got mungbean inside and are sweets as well. 

Then we went to grab fruit from our green grocer. The jackfruit and persimmons came from Springvale.

Came home to submit an application to the council for endorsed plans and planning permit . Luckily I could do it all online and now will have to wait til they get back to me which can take up to 7 days. 

That way the town planner can amend it and send it in for approval. 

Have also filled out the forms for the insurer. They will assess and either approve for quotes or send an assessor out. Either way it’s moving along.

As for my sunroof the company just phoned me back to say the part costs $800-900. And as they will be in Melbourne next week could I hold out til then? That way they can have a look over and work out what’s really wrong with it before ordering in the part. 

Looks like a day for getting things done. And guess what ? My son came home with a medal.

They won state in baseball. It’s hilarious as he’s not sporty at all 😂