We had to get off at the train station where I used to get down every day to go to school. 

My high school buddy went to this school. Our brother school. Hence we girls used to get off at South Yarra to meet up with the boys. Since our school is an all girl school. 

We were way early since it only took us 30 minutes so we walked for a bit.

How cool are these buildings? This is just down from the station in South Yarra. 

And this one? Tudor? This was taken in Toorak. 


A church 

And since I was so hungry I bought a roll to eat . It’s cold at the station with the wind whipping through.

Still waiting for my son. He assured me he was old enough to catch the tram down by himself and will meet me at the station once he’s done. 

We should be home by 730pm if we don’t miss our connecting train.