I lost all my data when I lost my phone last year. 

Then just recently my phone crashed so I lost it all over again.

Anyhow it just shows nothing is forever. This morning I received a text from someone I know .

I know them as they spelt my name wrong 😂 It confuses people when I spell my name as Vy then they pronounce it as Vy instead of Vee.

So this particular person texted me as Vee. It means I know them but not well. One of those from my naughty days. One of my many shades of men. 

I asked further who are you ? He replied Mark. Which Mark?

He then sent me a photo. Thank goodness it wasn’t the Mark I was avoiding . 

This Mark had so much energy . So much hair. And so much fun .

It brought back memories. I remembered him piggy backing me everywhere. When I mentioned safe sex he said no worries and head off to the shops barefooted. 

He was my Italian stallion. Wavy long hair, beard and a nice size cock to match. And he was young deliciously young. 

I don’t tend to go for young ones and well he insisted . He talked his way into my bed .

And I loved it. 

Anyhow he must be in his late 20s by now. When I met him he was only 26 years old. I joked if I had kids at 18 I could be your mum. He just laughed . 

Oh the young ones and their endless energy and exuberant spirit. May be that’s what I need . Someone to jolt me out of this doldrum.