I’m half way through my coffee. I’m going to persevere this morning and work on my blog. It’s a big mess. I’m going to move all blogs about Melbourne with photos to the wandering folder.

I’m trying to look for photos from our travels to post as well. Wish me luck on that. My brains is not too organised and neither is my lap top. Might have to pop into FB. One good thing about FB photos are stored there for years until they are ditched.

Today’s aim not much. Groceries, dinner and cards. It’s also towel day today. Our towels are washed once a week. I figured if I wash them in very hot water 60C they should suffice. It’s not like all 5 of us use one towel. We have one each except for hubby and me. We share one. If ours get smelly they get washed anyway. It’s just easier for me to remember Monday is towel day.

End of week on Friday or Saturday is uniform day and PJs day. The kids wear their PJs for the week and uniforms they change everyday with the exception of woollens. That get changed weekly. Their blazers get a dry clean every term in the school holidays, 8-10 weeks depending.