We did a trip there just recently. Well my FB posts tells me it’s been near 4 years. We went in October 2013.

For this trip we stopped over in Hong Kong and caught the ferry to Macau and back and then on to South Korea.

Our itinerary was such. We flew into Seoul. Caught another flight to Jeju then from Jeju fly into Daegu and used Daegu as a base to do day trips. After Daegu we caught the bullet train back to spend the last few days in Seoul. As usual our trip was jinxed.

It was when the North and South had a little tiff. Wiser this time I took out travel insurance way prior to the trip only to find the fine print did not cover us for war.

Hubby tried calming me down saying they have tiffs all the time and well hopefully by the time we get there it’s settled down.

Jeju was just beautiful. The thing was people didn’t speak much English. For the two days there we hired a maxi taxi to get the most out of the island. It costed us $300AUD for the two days. For that amount of money we had a driver at our beck and call. He didn’t speak much English at all or rather only hello and good bye.

It was frustrating but we managed in the end. I ended up using the concierge to translate for us. Our itinerary was then mapped on to their map in Korean.

We did heaps in Jeju with the help of the driver. He knew exactly where to go and what time to get there for the best experience. Times of shows etc. Thus we didn’t follow my itinerary in order as such. Without him I doubt we would have got much done. Public transport is not great in Jeju and to hire a car well by the time you figure out where to go that’s half a day gone.

You really need at least 3 days in Jeju to see all of the island. The third day can be spent trekking up the mountain. We had young ones and well it wasn’t ideal or did we have time for it.

I’d booked a hotel near the airport with beachfront views. I figured it didn’t matter where we were situated since we had a driver and since the hotel was cheap and we had an early morning flight to Daegu it worked out beautifully.

Jeju-Si and East of Jeju-Si

Yongduam rock is in Jeju-Si near airport

Samseonghyeol Shrine-Don’t think we did this either.

1/ *Manjanggul cave 9-6pm need jacket and torch (near Jeju-Si)-It’s just a cave and lava tube. Only one way in and out.

Haenyeo Museum (Sehwari) 9-6pm Haenyeo free divers-we didn’t get to do this. There was no time.

2/ *Seongsan Ilchulbong ,watch sunrise (4am-7pm) ,20 mins walk need to spend night in Seongsan-ri need torch-we didn’t get to watch the sunrise but we did get to go.


It was a long way up.


I had 3 breaks on the way up. Was very embarrassed to find a 70-80 years old man not even out of puff standing up there when I got there.


The views was worth it.

3/ *Seongeup Folk village (Pyoseon)

(Namoon is main gate if poles are down welcome to enter )

I wanted to go here for the kids so we learn a bit about the culture. It’s very informative and we all loved it.


On the way to the village the driver insisted we stopped to look at the horses. Apparently they are of a particular breed here. They are little shorty ones. They are very sturdy.

WP don’t like me today. Will upload more photos later.

The traditional houses have these flaps that open to air out the house and closes when it rains or windy.

4/Seopjikoji ??

5/ Samdal-ri:

Between Sinyang-ri and Pyoseon Beach

Young Gap Gallery Dumoak 930-6pm Thurs-Tues (Photographer)

This is well worth the trip. The gallery had awesome sculptures out the front. His pieces are just beautiful.

South of Jeju-Si:


*Seogwipo submarine:

Depth of 30 metres, 920am-4pm. Ask at tourist info. Cheonjiyeon Pokpo for discount coupon.

To go see the submarine you’d need a passport. It’s a requirement which I thought was funny. It’s expensive but worth it for the kids. The submarine went down and they had a diver to feed the fish so you can see schools of fish swimming.

*Water falls:

Cheongjiyeon Pokpo (near Jeongbang Pokpo)


The trail to the falls was quite picturesque. The falls itself was a major disappointment. It’s because it’s full of tourists. There was hardly any water at all.


Jeongbang Pokpo

Oedolgae 20m tall volcanic basalt pillar-a big rock

Jungmun resort:

Cheongjeyeon Pokpo (Jungmun resort) + Botanical garden-I think we missed this one.

Teddy Bear Museum-We did go to the teddy bear museum. It was great as the teddy bears were all dressed up.


 Silk worms- we all had a try just for fun. Our taxi driver looked at us with amusement.

Jeju is famous for its black pig. We went to have black pig at this little place in a lane way. From the main streets you’d never know. It was yum. It’s on a hot plate and you get all these side dishes with it. When you order rice a soup comes with it. It’s a given thus no need to order soup. They wrap their BBQ meats in sesame leaves to have with their side dishes.


Rice wine to bring back to the hotel to get drunk some more.


Side dishes with the pork. We ordered 900g of pork for the 5 of us. Very disappointed with my camera skills. I blame it on the rice wines that we had.

In all we had fun. We even stumbled into the red lights district on the last night . The shops all had their doors wide opened. The neon flashed 18, 20 and whatever else. We only realised as people were looking at us funny.

Our little street map from the hotel wasn’t of much use and instead of finding the market we got lost and ended up in the red light district instead.

The thing with Jeju is there’s not much street lighting at night if you happen to wander away from the main roads. It’s quite safe just dark. Pretty much need a torch with you to go wandering.

We could have done with another day in Jeju just to wander around. The island is lush and had beautiful sceneries wherever you look. I wouldn’t mind going again just to eat black pig and go for a wander. Take it real slow rather than rush rush like we did.