Couldn’t sleep so might as well get up. It’s 602am. 

I’m having left overs for breakkie and then might head into the business. I get more done in the morning when I’m fresh.

This used to be my wake up time 6am. Lately I’ve been sleeping and waking up at all sorts of hours and my sleeping routine all out of place.

Hoping to go to bed at my usual 11-1130pm and up at 6am from now on . Just got to get my routine in order.

My youngest came home last nigh with her cake from cake decorating . She told me she had to pipe her design and let it set. It looks great . 

May be my dream of owning a cafe is not too far away. I’ve got two cake decorators and a son that love to experiment with food. 

Today’s list:

Buy meat for tomorrow. I want to grab some belly pork and put the char siu rub on it to marinate over night. That way I can pop it in the oven for tomorrow’s dinner.

The instructions say to dissolve the contents in a cup of water. I’ve done that before . Mum just rub it onto the meat. It tastes much better. 

Ring the council to see if they’ve found our plans. I might have to just front up. It’s about a 30-40 minutes drive from our place.  It’s probably quicker to front up as it takes forever to get through to them.

First thing first .I get to see the vein guy this morning at 10am after my scans at 940am . The original appointment was at 1210pm with scans at 10am. 
They must have had a cancellation and thus  I got a better time.

I’m still divided about getting them done. Yes they’d look better. I’d be able to wear shorts and skirts again.

 The thing is if I still retain my job as a pharmacist I’ll end up with them again. It’s a never ending cycle. It’s the side effect of standing on concrete floors all day. 

And is it worth it? It’s not like I’m a young chick anymore? I’m approaching 50? Should I just forget about them and well accept me wart and all? Or rather varicose and all?

Anyhow this morning is the initial consultation. Let see what he says. At least I can work out what my options are and the pros and cons. 

If the risk is too much then I’ll just live with them. Here is hoping the technology for them is better than years ago. 

One good thing just heard a bar is moving opposite to us. It means the area is evolving. With the apartments going up around us meant the strip is becoming more convenient. A bar means more restaurants will follow and it means I don’t have to cook. We can just grab take away from across the road. A win win for me. 

It will certainly make the strip more lively at night. It’s a bit dead at the moment .

Though I’d hate for them to fight the community . We live in an ultra conservative community that fights about any development in the area. 

I’m surprised they are opening considering our area is designated a dry area. Dry area means no pubs or bars or bottle shop. Hubby have since updated me that the law changed a few years back. 

Our area used to be an old fuddy duddy area. Lots of elderly and lately young family vying for houses with big lots of land. And now young professionals with the apartments.

Let hope no trouble with the bars. Apparently the bar owners are old timers. They’ve run quite a few bars before so all good.