I’ve been procrastinating and well this morning I made an effort to walk 10 minutes uphill to find the blinds place closed.

Then caught a tram to Box Hill as I was bursting to go to the loo.

After walking around aimlessly I thought I’d better grab groceries.

No nice lamb around so decided oh well it’s Saturday we will go out .

After that I phoned my son to see if he wanted something for lunch. 

Went to order it for him then went to order my broken rice to share with hubby to find it’s only 1126am and well they open at 1130am.

Instead of sticking around I decided to go to the Korean place to order a soup and rice to find they were closed 😩

Then went to the food court to grab yum cha. Got served by a newbie as she’s really slow . By the time I bought my lunch and walked back to the restaurant to pick up my son’s lunch it was 1148am .

If I had waited at the broken rice place I would have been long gone by 1140am. 
What the? Now on the 12pm train home 😩

One good thing I got lots of steps in this morning walking aimlessly around Box Hill 😍

Lunch is served. The sauce is for the eggplant.