My son is the king of lame jokes . He tends to subject us to it at the dinner table or in the car.

He’d go on and on non-stop . It’s like a bout of joke diarrhoea .

What’s the name of a man stuck in the letter box? Bill.

A man went to sleep with an itchy bum. What has he got in the morning ? Stinky fingers. 

He went on and on in the car last night that I had to tell him to stop . And yet he keeps on going . He thinks it’s hilarious 

I was going to let him find his own way home. Mind you he’s turning 19 this year.

His dad was like now I know where he gets his humour from . He’s got your humour. 

Kids some days . If only he’d study rather than fill his head with jokes and trivia stuff . I swear I don’t think there’s any space left for English or Chemistry or Physics up there.

When he was little he never spoke. And since he didn’t like to read I’d buy him picture books. Then when I saw he loved trivia I filled our shelves with trivia books. He loved them, all the facts and figures. 

He used to come to me when he was in primary school to tell me about them . Mum did you know there is this kind of bug that when they reproduce the male dies? 

Mum did you know ..and I know he’s off again.