Found this in my fridge this morning . What the ? My pet hate low fat milk.

Was trying to ring hubby last night to go grab milk as he was doing deliveries . Well it turned out he left his phone at home.

Thus he offered to go grab me milk this morning or buy me my coffee. 

Well he did buy milk but what the? He knows I only ever drink full cream milk? And so does the kids. 

I’ve always hated low fat milk. If you’re going to drink low fat milk you might as well drink water. 

Looks like little Miss V had better walk across the road to grab a latte😩

Not a good start to the day.

Found my explanatory note from the surgeon.

I’m getting the last option done on Thursday. It’s a combination procedure. Fingers crossed it’s not going to hurt too much.

List for today:

Usual groceries and dinner.

Need to pop to rental today as well as council. 

Cut keys 

Batteries for remote.

Blinds people.