I don’t know how I managed before . This morning I was up by 6am.

Then I headed off to work after breakkie. Came up around 845am to have a shower. Paid my invoices and did my questionnaire for the hospital.

After that I headed off to Officeworks to get my photocopying done and grabbed lunch for hubby.

Came home dumped the lunch and caught the train to the realestate agent to drop off the keys and remotes.

And since it was such a nice day I walked from the agent to the next station rather than to the nearest station.

Got to Box Hill and well I was stuck . I couldn’t think what to make for dinner tomorrow so I ditched the idea and bought some Chinese broccoli to have for dinner, grass jelly and fruits. 

To make matters worse the trains weren’t running. They were, just not to my station. For the next half an hour there was no stopping all station.

My only option was the tram. So off I went. Got on one as it’s about to leave . After that it was more walking. Ten minutes down the hill with a heavy backpack and two bags I think I got my exercise today. 

I was that buggered I headed off to bed. Woke up near 5pm to remember I forgot to organise my stockings for tomorrow . Was supposed to organise it this morning and it slipped my mind.

Anyhow all good all ready for tomorrow. The secretary was very annoyed with me but she came through. Will have to buy her some chocolates to say thank you when I go in for my review. 

One good thing I’ve finally got around to order a new charger for my Garmin. It’s coming on Tuesday. 

Now I can track how many steps I do each day. Winter is such a bummer. I hate the cold. My walkies buddy have already told me we should do walkies next week so I can recover quicker. He’s a sweetie. 

I’m waiting for dessert then it’s off to bed for me. I’m buggered and it’s only 910pm.

I do like my old routine waking up at 6-630am but by 5-6pm I’m stuffed . Don’t seem to last the whole day. 

Not like if I get up later then I can stay up later.