I was on the other side of the bed today or rather in the bed.

As a health professional it’s hard being a patient . I think though one should be a patient once in awhile to know what it is like to empathise or understand what they are going through.

I was told to give the nurse a letter and my consent form. Well no one asked for it and I plain forgot . 

And since they asked me if I had anything valuable I told them no and gave my back pack to my husband . In it was all my paperwork.

In the end the theatre nurse phoned him to come back to hand it in.

So as a patient I made a dud of a patient. 

Then they asked me what my plans are and me naively thinking it’s a walk in walk out procedure told them I’m going home by train. It’s only a 10 minutes walk and well it’s down hill.

The nurse looked at me funny and said most people catch a taxi . Let me check with the doctor. 

It was only when I walked to the toilet that I realised that 10 minutes walk no can do. My leg couldn’t hack it.

Thus they organised for me to be taken to the taxi ramp to meet hubby by wheel chair. 

We hopped into the taxi and caught it to Box Hill for lunch.

And yes I was naughty . Not supposed to be walking putting weight on my leg. Anyhow had to do the groceries didn’t I ? Hubby did most. I only went to Woolies to buy girly stuff and some dumplings for lunch tomorrow. 

I’m home resting now. Can’t wait for the bandage to come off in two days time. 

As for the procedure ? They knocked me out. Last thing I remembered it hurts and the next thing I was in recovery all done.

One good thing not much pain just a bit of throbbing and tightness . That’s it . And to think I was dreading it.