Surprisingly there’s no pain. Which is good. Pain is never a good sign. It’s the bulkiness of the bandages that gets to me. My creases are all bulked out and movement is pretty restrictive. Our place is all stairs and steps which makes it frustrating . The bad leg good leg thingy can go to hell for all I care. 

To get me going I’ve taken some Ibuprofen with my breakkie. I’m hoping it will help with the inflammation. Plus I’ve got bruising saw it last night when I unroll the stockings a bit. 

It will be interesting to see what’s underneath the bandages tomorrow.
The only problem I have is showering. Last night I got a bit of my stocking wet. This morning hubby said I’ll have to gladwrap my leg😂

My bin liner doesn’t go all the way up so resorted to another tied around my thigh.

Will have to think of a way this morning so I can have a proper shower and wash my hair.

Last night was like attempting to do ballet and wash my private bits with the hand shower at the same time.

It’s only today as my bandages come off tomorrow which means I can begin to shower without the stocking.

Have mapped it out . Looking forward to freedom of no stocking on the 6/7/17. Only 3 more weeks to go.