Only another 40 minutes to go. I’m excited to be getting rid of the bandages . I had a little peek at the edges last night and well hardly any bleeding. It’s the bruising that hurts.

Forgot to ask the doctor if I can use bruising cream like Hirudoid.

Nearly there. After I’ve showered I’m going to go for a walk up to the blinds people to pay. The credit card didn’t go through yesterday. Must be my hospital fees making it go over. 

We don’t have much credit . We are old fashion so cash is it. Our credit card is more for booking hotels etc when they ask for one or for buying over the internet which we hardly buy. 

Views from my deck.

Found some kumquats. I’ll freeze them for red bean soup . Come to think about it I’ve got red bean just no sugar might make some for dessert tonight. 

Will walk down to the blinds people then tram it to KFC . Their hot rods are back then  walk to Box Hill to grab sugar and stuff for dinner.

I’m smarter today . Have popped two Ibuprofens in. It starts to be a bit sore when I walk so better safe than sorry 😂