Our neighbourhood is full of old houses. I love them.

Lots of Californian bungalows 

Because land is so expensive the houses keep on getting bigger. A house like this would be around 2 millions or more. 

This used to be part of the TAFE. They pulled down a perfectly good building to rebuild. I think it’s going to be student accommodation for the TAFE.

Made it to KFC.

On the way there I stumbled on the RSL.

And the memorial.

The park near there . No peace and quiet though . I think they are adding more car park spaces for the park. 


And another one.

I got to the Centro to find policemen and their vehicles out the front mingling with the community.

I’m home again. My son have gone to grab lunch and to have a look. 

He’s very inquisitive it will be good for him.