The kids are cooking dinner. Spam ham spaghetti . I was going to grab vegies but couldn’t be bothered. Tired and sore.

Tried driving today with not much success. Forgot with my car I have to use my left leg to release and engage the foot brake. That jolted pain in my crappy leg. 

I was already on the road when I realised no way can do thus detoured to Westfield to walk instead of Costco. Westfield is about 10 minutes away as opposed to Costco 25 minutes away. 
Walked around a bit and bought a chef’s torch and a pasta machine 😍

Then I came home . The pasta machine was that heavy I felt like I was damaging my not so good leg. By the time I got up to the car park I just didn’t want to climb back down to go grab vegies.

Result is we are having frozen peas and corn for dinner. Two lots of boiling water did it.

Hubby have bought tickets to the 615pm session Wonder Woman. He’s purposely chosen an aisle seat so I can get up and down to move my leg around. 

I’m not supposed to sit too long in the one position. 

I’ve figured out why I itched so bad . I had a reaction to the tapes they used. I’ve got welts all over where the tapes were.