Learnt my lesson. I’m popping pills even when I don’t have any pain. Because as soon as I feel it it’s a bit too late.

I should have known better from my experience working on the rehab ward years ago.

I had patients telling me Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) didn’t work. I usually ask them back do you use it regularly? And of course they’d answer no. 

The regimen was usually Paracetamol SR (sustained release) 665mg two tablets three times a day.

OxyContin (Oxycodone controlled release) which ever strength the doctor thought was appropriate and top ups of Oxycodone immediate release (Endone).

When they tell me the Oxycontin didn’t work. Look did you ask for Endone? No. You need to ask for them. As then the doctor can gauge how much of the OxyContin you’ll need. Then he will increase it for you.

Some got Tramadol and Digesic. Digesic was phased out years ago.

 Tramadol worked very well but was deemed an ugly drug thus only used when there’s no contraindications. Some patient got very nauseous on it. I’d often see nausea and vomiting written in their allergy section.

I could still remember when Digesic was prescribed left right and centre. Guess it shows how long I’ve been in the game. Drug trends comes and go. 


I loved my rehab ward though I loved my medical ward more. Rehab wards the patient are very easy to look after. They rarely needed much . Just OxyContin and Coloxyl and Senna was the ongoing joke. It’s quite a boring ward to service.

I didn’t mind it. The patients were lovely. Some were grumpy due to them being in pain and some did need convincing to take their meds. 

The nursing staff would come to me and ask me to go talk to them. I got pretty good at convincing patients to take their meds.

One didn’t want her patch as she’s worried it will zonk her out. So I reasoned it out with her . Look it will help you with your pain. Then you’ll be able to move around more and be able to go home quicker? They all wanted to go home. That was the carrot.😂

Please give it a try? It’s only a patch and the doctor gave you the lowest strength . If it zonk you out you can always take it off? 

That worked . She had her patch on the next time I saw her. The nursing staff was like what did you do? Hehehe

Guess I’m good at reasoning. So much so one patient was impressed and asked me if I’d ever consider retail ? I told him no. I hated retail.

May be I should reconsider it?