It’s a slow process to get ready. I tend to roll my stocking first on to the thingy then I get ready for my shower. Once done the old stocking get washed and hanged out all ready for the next day.

It’s nice having fresh stocking to wear though a pain to get sorted. 

I’m a clean freak and well the stocking have been bugging me. It’s supposed to go all the way up the groin when you wear it. 

Thus toileting is awkward . I’ve figured it out now. To keep my stocking clean I’ve been rolling it down before I grace the toilet seat. That way none of it touches the seat 😩

So it’s like take pants off , roll stocking . Take undies off. Then when finished put undies on, roll stocking and pants back on. The thing is there’s been a couple of times when I’ve popped my pants back on then realised my stocking haven’t been rolled back on 😩

Anyhow it seems to appease my clean freak mind for now. I can at last tackle public toilets.