Would you do it?

Our work experience boy wrote us an email asking what subjects he should choose to study to become a pharmacist and what are our duties apart from what he saw in the shop and is it worth it?

I replied that he’d need maths, chemistry and biology . Though biology is not too important since he can catch up in Uni.

As for pharmacy there’s three sectors in which he can go into, retail, hospital and industry.

If he likes business -retail, if he likes variety -hospital and research-industry.

As for the pay rate it sucks big time. Considering an Aldi check out person earns $20/hour, first year graduates earn $26/hour after 5 years of studying. The more experienced $32/hour. If you’re in charge then $45/hour.

We don’t do it for the money we do it for the love of it.

He needs to be a people person to deal with clients. A diplomat to deal with doctors and allied health and an inquisitive mind to always wonder why and how to solve problems.

Plus he needs to be fit to walk around the hospital should he choose that path and be able to stand up all day on concrete floors.
It’s not as glamorous as it seems and knowing his back ground I can guess why. 

His parents are Viet, owns bakeries and are filthy rich . They live in a nice suburb , owns a house in the millions and drives $100,000 plus cars.

Yet they still want him to be a sĩ or a sư.  Doctors, dentists , pharmacists, architects, engineers and lawyers are on this list.

I wonder if it’s his choice? Or being talked into it by his parents. I’m surprised as his parents are similar ages to us and are first generation Viet. 

As a parent myself and first generation here I don’t have expectations on my kids other than to try their hardest and achieve what they want to pursue the career they wish.

That’s my wish for them.