Woke up late this morning. Luxury of being a kept woman I guess.

I’m just having brunch now. Half a salami and cheese jaffle and an instant.

Need to go to BBQ galore to grab a griddle . I need one that’s a bit bigger to be able to grill inside on really cold and wet days and also pop by Bunnings to buy a cash box for mum. 

I’m hoping to set up a little business for her. If she’s agreeable. That way it will give her something to do and a little pocket money. We’ll pay the tax. 

Deadline is this Sunday as dad is making hot pot.
Lazy day today I feel unmotivated . The idea of driving kind of unnerved me as don’t want to be in pain again.

Guess have to try. No car means no freedom.

No plans for today except groceries, dinner, work and my half an hour walk.

My goal is to reach 10,000 steps today. To beat yesterday’s steps.

The weather is crappy as so more indoor walking. It’s only maximum of 12C today.