My stocking didn’t come yesterday.

I didn’t achieve my 10,000 steps yesterday. 

We ate take away yesterday. 

I’m hoping the stocking will come today. It’s my out and about day. I need to be at the doctor’s at 350pm. Might pop by at the hospital to say hello to my old colleagues . It’s just across the road from the clinic. 

I want to go into the city early to have lunch. I need to go to the art store to grab some water colours. 

Mum’s birthday is coming up and I can’t think of anything to get her. Then she can paint as many silk scarves as she like.

Found out last night there’s still money on the credit card. Not much but enough for me to book parking at the airport and to buy my pharmacy ball ticket.

Today I need to get the form back from my youngest. That way I can email it back to her Japanese teacher .

The school was desperate for parents to host an exchange student so we’ve said yes.

I think they’ve got enough parents now. There will be 15 students coming to stay for two weeks from Japan. We are supposed to do Aussie stuff with them. Guess it means a trip to the footy and a BBQ is in order.

My youngest is not looking forward to hosting . She said it’s a lot of work. 

I wasn’t keen either with the way we are, somewhat dysfunctional. Oh well we will take it as it comes. 

It means I’ll have to tidy up the mezzanine and sort out the tall boy so she’ll have somewhere to store her belongings. 

Other than that not much aside from feeding her. Take her around so she can see life as it is over here. The school have set aside an allowance of $35 a day for each student . 

We will give her back that amount so she can spend whilst over here. As she’d need to top up her Myki for the two weeks. That’s already $8.20 a day if she’s an older child as that’s an adult fee. 

Need to go wrap the chocolates and write a card for the doctor’s receptionist. Bought the chocolates yesterday so I can thank her today for organising my stockings. 

Anyhow better get hopping if I’m to get all of this done.

Here is to 10,000 steps.