Apparently there’s an association of the dying Viets. It goes like this , every member contribute $10 to anyone that cark it to his or her funeral. And it goes on and on.

My aunty’s husband call it the odd pots and lids association. Where there are more pots than lids. He meant since men drop off at a higher rate than women, the number of women looking for partners are higher than the pool of men available.

It turned out dad went out on a guys’ day out just last week and somehow met up with an acquaintance from the pots and lids association. 

The guy was with a lady friend whom then asked him to introduce her to my dad. 

Dad went home and told mum about it. He said it’s awful. 

Then mum told me just then. I teased her that she shouldn’t let dad out of sight now since he’s a precious lid 😂 some pot might snatch him up 😂

Anyhow just got home and I told hubby about it and it came tumbling out.

Hubby told dad mum wanted to sell her ware at our shop. Dad was like just let her, it will  keep her busy because lately she’s been my shadow 😂😂😂😂😂

Guess mum is worried after all. Dad is handsome and a great guy not like the lids available whom she deemed are ugly and good for nothing 😂😂😂😂😂