Was hoping to go to Chaddie to buy another jacket . But then do I really need it? My 700 loft goose down jacket that I bought years and years ago is still warm enough. And I did buy a sleeveless to go under if need be. 

So guess I don’t really need it. The money could go somewhere else .

The thing is I hate the cold. It’s like it’s colder every year . With the way the days are flying it’s only another 4 weeks to August when it’s a bit warmer. 

Now that I’m at home full time Winter is not that bad . I only venture out on warm days and spend the rainy ones inside. 

Going to sort out the pantry today. And if I feel like it sort out hubby.

He’s always much nicer to me once I fix him. It’s like there’s this happy button. Once pressed he’s like mine for the day . All chores and jobs no hassles baby I’ll do it for you. 

I should fix him more often if that’s the case you ask. Ummm I’m always sore afterwards so the answer is nope. It’s like a marathon every time. His way of telling me because you leave so long in between sessions I want the longest I can have. 

You’d think I’ve starved him or something . Can’t win.