Egg noodles (fresh ) : Popped into a pot of boiling water for 1 minute and a half then drained under cold water. Don’t wait til water boils after addition as the noodles will be over cooked then. 

Vegetables: Blanched save broth.

Prawns: Marinated with a drizzle of Kikkoman soy, oyster sauce, Japanese cooking wine and a sprinkle of pepper.

Pop some oil in wok, sautee the onion then once fragrant add prawns and a splash of vegies broth. 

Combine all once prawns is cooked. Drizzle some more soy over the vegies and noodles.
I’m keeping the noodles for lunch tomorrow thus tried to keep it as dry as possible so it doesn’t sog. We added more soy sauce into our bowls at the table. 

Cupcakes made by my youngest. So soft and yum. 


She followed the recipe. The cupcake was baked for about 20 minutes.