Brunch. Salami, tomato and cheese toastie.

Still trying to work out my new toy. 

Today I turned it on, chose the program and pressed okie. 

Apparently you have to let it preheat first before putting the food in 😩 I stuffed up our steaks last night😩

 My toastie was perfect this morning. 

The light changed from purple (preheating ) to blue after beeping. I pop my bread in and once it’s ready it beeps again and changes to green. 

One of mum’s creations. 

They are ready for the shop. I had to change the price tags to say jewellery instead of earrings. 

I’m still waiting for my pouches to come before they will be displayed. Bought some burgundy and blue ones, second and third down as requested by mum. 

After brunch we are off shopping. The sun is out? After the forecasted rain. 

Work nearly caught up. I’ll do more tonight. 

Will go pay for tutoring today on way back since I didn’t get to do it yesterday.

Today’s list:

Go walkies

Shop for lamps

Pay tutoring 

Make more cards/work on blogs 

Volunteering ? Still waiting for the coordinator to email me the template for the tips document.

She wanted me to work on the document. Ie. which tram number to take to certain hospital/clinic and whether it’s uphill or downhill etc. 

Saw my old coordinator there yesterday and he was like please take it on. He did let on that it’s a lot of work. 

Anyhow I’m not afraid of a lot of work I think I’m organised enough to tackle it . 

Instructions for hubby on how to make a toastie 😂