How hard can it be? First they couldn’t find the stock so then they were going to order it in for me. 

I went to pay for the whole lot to find out they only put one of my lamps through not two. 

It’s not like it’s the nearest store. I go there as I had other stuff to do in the area.

By then I was like leave it I’ll pay when I come back . That was like 3-4pm on Wednesday.

5pm received a message to say my lamps are there ready to be picked up. Why the hell couldn’t they find it at 3-4pm? 

Today drove in to find nope one is still missing. The guy apologised and offered to deliver it for me. It’s an honest mistake he misread 2 for 1. 

Me? I’ve had enough of their incompetence so have decided to cancel both lamps. Will go to a store near us to buy.

I’m never coming back there. No wonder they’ve got bad reviews. Now I know why.